Hilary J. Crowley

Natural Health Intuitive & Energy Medicine

To enjoy a healthy life, it’s essential to regularly clear and rejuvenate your body’s energy.  As a result, deep relaxation and renewed vitality can be expected.  Hilary practices Natural Health Intuition by connecting to the energy field of the body, allowing her to detect imbalances, clear blocks and restore optimal vitality.

When energetic balance is achieved, the body can respond quicker and more thoroughly to any healing process.  Natural Health Intuition is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis but can assist in identifying the root cause of an issue at the physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual level. It is an appropriate complement to both conventional and integrative care.

Hilary discovered the healing arts as the grandchild of three doctors.  In her early career, she worked at University of Massachusetts Medical and Dartmouth Medical Center.  Since 1995, she has studied with leaders in energy medicine and medical intuition.

Hilary teaches on topics of energy medicine and health throughout New England, New York and abroad.

Each session includes a brief intake and final written summary. You will be on the table for approximately one hour.  Sessions can include hands-on touch or non-touch techniques.  This is not a massage and only shoes need to be removed.

For your appointment, please wear comfortable clothing. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after your appointment to assist your body’s clearing process. For best results after deep relaxation, it is recommended to follow a simple and restful schedule for the remainder of the day.

Hilary’s practice welcomes children, teens and adults.

Forms of Payment Accepted

  • MasterCard and Visa
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  • Checks
  • Cash

Gift Certificates Available

Yes — please contact Hilary for more information.

Hours of operations

Weekly and on Saturday

How to schedule an appointment

Call Whole Life Health Care at 603-431-6677
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What to Expect From Your First Appointment

We will review your intake information and have an energy medicine session with notes to take home with you.


“Hilary is a gifted and gentle healer who listens to her clients’ needs and guides them to positive results.” – Professor, Boston, MA

“Hilary’s energy work is an experience of healing and balancing on many levels. She can sense areas that need attention and intuitively knows how to restore balance while offering feedback to help you continue to work on improving these areas outside of her office. Her work is rejuvenating and holistic and an experience that helped unveil negative energy in my life to help me move forward.”– Psychotherapist, Portsmouth, NH

“Hilary’s style of practice is exemplary. Guided by her intuition she assists the client with addressing life change, business issues, personal obstacles, old “wounds” and more. I have excelled personally and professionally since working with Hilary… I simply cannot recommend Hilary strongly enough as a coach, sounding board, healer and consummate professional.”– Business Owner, Portsmouth, NH