Pediatric Services

Here at Whole Life Health Care we know the kids are not just mini-adults.
Children’s needs are vastly different than grown-ups.
We offer a variety of services geared specifically for our pediatric population.
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Primary Care

Our Nurse Practitioners (APRNs) encourage yearly well-child check-ups, sport/camp physicals and offer parental guidance on topics from infant needs to young adult development. We focus on education and preventive care specific to your child. We offer traditional treatments and immunizations as well as holistic herbal remedies for kids. We do also see our fair share of sick visits!


Bowenwork helps children perform better academically, excel in sports, improve social skills, and to be happier and more productive. Bowenwork assists with relaxation and recovery for many conditions such as structural misalignments, overuse injuries, stress, fatigue, ear/throat problems, insomnia, ADHD and developmental delays by promoting the body’s process for self-healing.


Chiropractic is as beneficial to kids as it is for adults and helps to endure spine health. Often times spinal issues adults experience start as children due to poor posture, playground accidents, or possibly even a traumatic childbirth.
Dr. Ryan Khalsa treats kids with spinal issues, ear infections, poor posture, and has successfully treated motion sickness.

Energy Medicine

Hilary Crowley promotes healing through energy balance and body wisdom in a gentle setting. Hilary helps children and teens benefits from deep relaxation, less stress, clarity and an understanding of wellness. Health Intuition is not a substitute for medial care but can assist in identifying the root of an issue at the physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual level. It is an appropriate complement to both conventional and alternative care.

Massage Therapy

Massage for kids helps with relaxation and regulating sleep. This can be a big issue for adolescents having hormonal shifts, heavy school work loads, social stress, and a busy external environment. Massage improves circulation, focus, and helps with inflammation during post-operative care. Sessions can help postural alignment and reduce muscle tension for children playing sports or musical instruments.  Elisabeth Robinson, APRN is certified in infant massage. This helps promote a stronger connection with your baby and enhances physical and emotional well- being.

Naturopathic Medicine

A Naturopath focuses on the child’s journey of what led them to become ill and determines the root of the illness. Children can be evaluated for toxicities, neurotransmitter imbalance, and overall function for individualized treatments. Common conditions that respond well to naturopathic care include: digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, allergies, headaches and disorders that have preciously not responded to conventional treatment.


Melissa Snow and Ranan Cohen can help you and your child identify problems areas causing undesirable eating behaviors and explore solutions for your child to become a confident, healthy eater. They are passionate about teaching families how to have a healthy relationships with food and dialoguing with kids to unlock resistance to new foods. Both nutritionists address food allergies, eating disorders, specialty diets, herbs, spices and supplements for health and immunity.

Psychotherapy and Counseling

Individual therapy can benefit children by giving them a safe place to dialog and manage stress. Our therapists specialize in trauma, ADHD, behavior disorders, family conflict, co-parenting issues post- divorce, depression, anxiety and also provide parenting support.  Information on our therapists can be found on our Mental Health Services or Community Resources pages.