The Artists of Whole Life Health Care

Whole Life Health Care features artists with exceptional talent on the walls of our building. Primarily, we install the artwork in our “gallery” on the second floor just off the elevator, in our Family Practice and the corridors of the first floor.

All of the artwork hanging here at the practice is for sale and many of the artists can be commissioned.

Healing Sights

The visual impressions you take in have a surprisingly profound effect on your mind, body, and emotions. Looking at peaceful or beautiful images creates a cascade of soothing neurochemicals in the body. Surrounding yourself with images that uplift your spirit is as important for your health as nutritious food.

Alexandra Chan
Rising Phoenix Arts

Tranquility Yields Transcendence

The story goes that when the Emperor was creating the Zodiac calendar, he hosted a race for all the animals of the realm, promising to award the first 12 with a place in the calendar. Pig came in last because he was just so comfortable where he was.

From February 5, 2019 to January 24, 2020, Pig (or Boar) is expected to reign with a joyous hand, bringing long-needed relief to many, and closing out the full rotation cycle of the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

This is Alexandra’s first painting to kick off Year of the Pig. Called Boar in a Snowy Wood, it has calligraphy that reads “love, peace, and happiness,” which is the essence of what this year is to be about.­ Find out more about what to expect from the coming year in her blog.

Whole Life Health Care is pleased to have Rising Phoenix Arts in the Family Practice.

Alexandra Chan provides contemplative and original fine art prints as well as inspirational custom made-to-order Chinese brush paintings and calligraphy.

See more about Alexandra on her website.

Meghan Mongroo
Arabella Design Studio

My name is Meghan, I am a portrait photographer and I love to take pictures of people. I love to capture moments where people are relaxed, comfortable and being themselves.

In 2015, I became a mother, before this I was a Kindergarten teacher. I like to think this gives me an edge when working with young children and bringing out some serious cuteness!

For clients and patients of Whole Life Health Care,
Megan is currently offering a $35 discount
off a full price newborn session.

To see more about Meghan and Arabella Design Studio, including her Newborn and Baby portraits, First Birthday and Cake Smashes, Child Portraits, Family Portraits, Senior Portraits and Professional Headshots, click here.

Guided Meditation CD’s

by Gi Indoccio

In creating these CD’s I wanted to help people understand that most suffering comes from wishing things were different.  Although life can present us with adversity, it’s how we perceive these tough times that create the life we live.  By living in the present moment, healing the past and releasing the future, we can live life to it’s fullest, no matter what the moment brings.

peace-of-mind-CD-300x300“Peace of Mind” was created to promote security and relaxation while reducing anxiety and panic.  Feeling constantly stressed or overwhelmed has become the norm in our society today.  Listening to this CD allows one to finally take time for themselves in an extremely peaceful way leading to optimal well being.  Clients have reported to feel profound relaxation after listening to this CD.
Pre-and-post-surgery-hypnosis-download-300x300“Pre & Post Surgery” was created to encourage comfort, relaxation, optimum healing, and positive expectations before, during and after surgical procedures.  Facing surgery of any kind can be daunting; however, this relaxing CD will allow the listener to feel safe and calm throughout the entire medical process.

Cancer-Be-Gone-Hypnosis-C2-150x150“Cancer Be Gone” was created to provide optimum healing, positive imagery, and comfort for those who have been diagnosed with cancer and prepare the listener for chemotherapy, radiation, or other cancer treatments.  Listening to “Cancer Be Gone” allows you to reduce stress and increase relaxation to promote a feeling of security and calmness.

While in a challenging situation, you can use peaceful and positive guided imagery to calm your body and help reduce anxiety.  Stress is the #1 cause of illness.  As research has shown, over 90% of doctor’s visits are due to stress.  Therefore, reducing stress and increasing relaxation can promote health and wellness.  Listening to these CD’s allows you to take time for yourself as Gi guides you to a state of well being.

Each CD sells for $20.  Purchase at WLHC or online.
Download as an MP3 for only $15.95 each at giindoccio.com

Contact Gi Indoccio at 603-860-8645 or giindoccio@gmail.com

See more about Gi on our website

Bowen – Two Providers Available!

Gift Certificates Available

Stink Remedy

The all-natural, chemical free remedy for foul smelling gear. Ideal for wearable sporting equipment, protective gear, skates, cleats, shin guards, sneakers and flip flops.

Stink Remedy is an effective combination of essential oils and plant based ingredients. We use no harmful chemicals.

$12 each or 4 for $40

Local Products, Made By Hand

At Whole Life Health Care, patients can find hand made, local products that will make the perfect gift for friends and family. We have remedies, salves, treats and accessories to make any occasion special and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Pear Tree Herbals by Elisabeth Robinson

  • Sweet Dream Cream                $10.00
  • Silky “C” Salve                           $8.00
  • Lavender Mist 2 oz.                  $6.00
  • Wild Cherry Cough Syrup       $12.00
  • Massage Oil                                $8.00

Coombs Farm Honey and Maple Syrup

  • Maple Syrup                               $10.00

Learn more about Coombs Farm here.