History of WLHC

Whole Life Health Care is an integrative practice that allows a combination of both conventional and complementary therapies in one location.

Our goal is to provide quality care for patients of all ages and to build strong, trusting relationships that last.

As the creator and founder of Whole Life Health Care, Amy Coombs, MS, APRN feels that healing is 80 percent belief; one must believe in the therapy and trust the provider to achieve an optimal outcome for their health. Whole life Health Care brings together the very best of both eastern and western medicine.

The practice began in 2000 due to an increasing number of people becoming interested in alternatives and conventional medicine for healing. Knowing that Amy’s background was well founded in the conventional approaches to health and well-being, she started to learn more about the alternative and complementary healing options that would expand her knowledge base to better serve patients. The more she learned the more she realized she could not possibly deliver these therapies as an expert and would need to involve other practitioners in healing patients.

Amy wanted to provide an environment that would help patients feel better the moment they walked through the door. She knew that the practitioners needed to be highly trained, credentialed, and be able to provide kindness to all patients. As these thoughts evolved, Whole Life Health Care was born. The practitioners that became part of the Whole Life Health Care concept would work under one roof, communicating with one another about how best to serve each person.

Amy believes Whole Life Health Care has achieved its goals over the years. Providers at Whole Life Health Care practice evidenced based medicine with trust and support for one another and their prospective practices. Understanding what each provider and practitioner does, and how they may help to heal our patients is important.

Communication is the key to optimizing a patient’s health. Providers have the option to share information daily, if need be, to maximize the healing process. Since it is different for each person, a patient may see one or five providers to gain an ideal level of balance. Therefore, an individual care plan is set up for each patient that comes to Whole Life Health Care with their needs and input highly involved in the process.

As our concept of integrative medicine evolved and grew, so did our space requirements. We began our vision at the Beane Farm in Newington, knowing that the energy and architecture of a historic building would be part of the therapeutic process. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase and develop the Louis deRochemont house, also in Newington. Louis deRochemont was a film producer in the 30′s and 40′s, producing documentary films, such as “The Fighting Lady”, “March of Time” as well as many more. His work awarded him two academy awards. The original deRochemont house was added onto, providing 12.000 square feet of healing space.

As the space allowed, we expanded our services in order to meet a larger audience. Our current services include Primary Care,  Bowenwork, Chiropractic, Energy Medicine,  Massage Therapy, Mental Health Services, Nutrition Therapy and Counseling, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Traditional Physical Therapy and Reiki.

We are excited for the future of Whole Life Health Care. We are a family practice capable of providing you with the means to balance your mind, body and spirit.