Office Policies – Primary Care/Family Medicine

Patient Portal

Whole Life Health Care is pleased to provide our patents with online access to their health information through our Patient Portal.   By creating an account you can:

  • View details about your upcoming appointments with our practice
  • View Office Notes, Lab Results, Pay Bills and Request Appointments
  • Exchange secure messages with our staff
  • Request Prescription Refills
  • Update your contact and insurance information

To access the Patient Portal, patients must speak to a staff member for an invitation.


To ensure that each patient is given the proper amount of time allotted for their visit and to provide the highest quality care, it is very important for each scheduled patient to arrive for their visit on time.  If it’s necessary to reschedule an appointment, please call us immediately.

We are able to accommodate same day sick appointments, although these might not be scheduled with your PCP.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany all patients under 17 years of age on all office visits.

Reminder texts and emails are sent 3 days prior to your appointment. These are COURTESY notifications. Patients are responsible for arriving to their appointments on the correct day, at the correct time.

Patients arriving late for an appointment by 15 minutes or more may need to reschedule.

Cancellations: A Minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required. Less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation is considered a “Missed Appointment” or “No-Show”.

3 Missed or No-Show Appointments in one year period may result in a discharge from the Practice.

Financial Policy

All copays are due upon check in for your appointment.

As the recipient of services rendered, ultimately you are financially responsible for all services rendered to you. By agreeing to accept service, you also accept the financial responsibility for this service. 

Proof of Insurance: All Patients must furnish up-to-date and valid insurance coverage at each visit. If this is not provided, and insurance is false or expired, you will be financially responsible for all charges.  If you are enrolled in an insurance plan, we are required by law to file claims with them and cannot accept individual payments for service.

Claims: Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. Knowing your benefits is your responsibility.  If your insurance requires you to select a provider, you must do that with your insurance company before your visit.  We cannot do this for you. If this is not done before your appointment, your insurance may not pay for the charges and you will be responsible to pay these in full.

Please be aware that some services may not be covered under your insurance. Any charges denied by insurance as non-covered are the responsibility of the patient. Whole Life Health Care will not misrepresent your non-covered service in order to obtain payments from your insurance company.

Self-Pay patients are expected to pay in full at the time of appointment. We offer a discount for office visits only on the day of service, providing there is no outstanding prior balance due.

Balances after deductibles will be billed. Payment in full is due upon receipt of this statement. If you have any questions or wish to dispute charges, you must contact our office within 30 days.

Workers’ Compensation: We are required by law to file claims related to work injuries.  In order for a claim to be considered work related, you must report the incident to your employer.  We require that you supply us with the Workers’ Comp claim number, phone number, contact person and name and billing address of the Workers’ Comp carrier at the time of your first Workers’ Comp appointment.

Third Party Billing: Whole Life Health Care does not bill any third party Liability or Auto Insurances.


Patient forms may take up 10 business days to complete.

Please ensure all forms have patients name, date of birth and contact information completed before submitting to us.

Some forms will require a visit with your PCP to review details, including but not limited to FMLA forms, Disability forms and some School forms, to ensure proper completion.

Medical Records Requests

Medical Records requests must be made in writing. Whole Life Health Care has a Records Release form for this purpose.

Patients are provided with one personal copy of their medical records free of charge. Additional requests for the same records will be subject to fees as allowed by law.

Personal Medical Records requests take up to 30 days complete per NH Law.

Requests for medical records by insurances or attorneys on your behalf may be subject to fees.


Routine Refills may take up to 24 hours to approve and this may be longer if your insurance company requires a Prior Authorization. All requests received after 4 pm are considered next day requests. Holidays and weekends will also delay these requests.  For these reasons, please give appropriate advance notice of refill needs.

New Prescriptions Requests require a visit with a Provider. No exceptions. 

Requests to change current Prescriptions may require a visit.

Preventative Care Visits

Preventative Care Visits (aka Yearly Exams, Annual Physicals) are healthy care visits. These appointments are for well patients. Many insurances cover these in full without co-pay or deductibles applied.

If you are coming to your Preventative Care Visit with a list of new problems or concerns, we must also claim these problems with your insurance company. These new problems will be subject to co-pays and deductibles, and therefore a scheduled Preventative Care Visit may not be covered in full by your insurance.  You may receive an additional charge for this service.

Referrals to Specialists

If your insurance requires a referral, it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure this is done prior to any appointment with a specialist. Patients will be responsible for any charges incurred for specialist appointments.

If you are requesting a referral to a specialist for a new problem that you have not been seen in our office for, a visit may be required.

Please notify our office at least 5-7 business days in advance of your upcoming specialist appointment.

Split Parenting Policy

We appreciate that each child we care for has unique family dynamics.  We work with all families to bring quality healthcare to your children. We ask parents who do not live together, but jointly care for their children, to work with us through their unique challenges.

Our primary concern for your children is to promote their health and well-being.

It is in your best interest to provide Whole Life Health Care with all court orders and parenting plans associated with the custody of your child(ren).

This policy was developed to avoid any misunderstanding of our expectations.

  1. The providers, nurses, office, and billing staff will not be put in the middle of any domestic issues or disagreements over the phone or in the office.
  2. Please make any decisions regarding appointments, vaccinations, and procedures before visiting our practice.
  3. Unless instructed by the court, either parent or legal guardian can sign a “Consent to Treat” form that authorizes any named individuals (like grandparents, nannies, stepparents, etc.) to bring your child(ren) to our practice, be present during the visit, and consent to any treatment during that visit. We will not be involved in any disputes regarding named individuals on the consent forms. Either parent or legal guardian can schedule an appointment for their child, be present for the visit and/or obtain a copy of the visit summary, unless instructed by the court.
  4. It is the parents’ responsibility to communicate with each other about the patient’s care, appointment made, and any other pertinent information relevant to your child(ren). We will not communicate visit information to each parent separately, however both parents can have individual access to your child’s patient portal.
  5. We will send appointment and health care reminders by text and email. These reminders will go to the primary phone number and email listed in the contact information.  It is the parents’ responsibility to communicate with each other.
  6. The parent accompanying the child(ren) to the appointment will need to convey all treatment decisions to the co-parent. We will not call the non-attending parents prior to or after the appointment.
  7. We will not restrict either parent from involvement in the patient’s care unless there is a court order stating this on record with our practice.
  8. FINANCIAL POLICY: All copays, balances, and other fees are the responsibility of the parent who accompanies the child(ren) to the appointment and are due at check-in.  If there is a financial agreement in your parenting plan, it is the responsibility of the parent attending the appointment to collect from the other parent what is due.

Our goal is to work together with you in providing outstanding health care for your child(ren), however, should any issues that come between parents be disruptive to this practice, we will need evaluate the situation to determine if we can continue to provide primary care for you.

Telephone Messages

All clinical questions will be directed to the Nurse working with your PCP.

All messages left with the nurse after 4 pm will not be answered until the next business day.

Test Results

It may take up to 3-5 business days for your lab or imaging results to be available. Our clinical staff will make every effort to notify you of these results as soon as they are processed and reviewed by provider.

Some labs (i.e. Lyme testing, stool samples, cultures) and imaging (MRI’s and CT Scans) take much longer to process.

Some results will require an appointment with your Provider to review.

We only contact patients with results for testing we have ordered. If your testing was ordered by another provider outside of Whole Life Health Care, please contact the ordering provider for results.