For Patients

Welcome to Patient Resource Page!


This section is designed to provide information for new and existing patients. Here you will find: downloadable forms, information about our policies, monthly specials and more.

Whole Life Health Care is a collaborative group of individual providers running their own business. Depending on the practitioner, the insurance coverage, new patient forms and scheduling of appointments, varies. We encourage you to check “Our Practitioners” page to find individualized information about each of practitioners.

Our “Integrative Patient Education” page is a great place to find information developed from a series of monthly integrative clinical meetings. These meetings are a valuable resource time for each provider. It gives them a way to understand the methods of other practitioners in relation to disease states as well as wellness care. Some of these topics include, but are not limited to, immune health, GI health and headaches.

Patient education is an integral part of who we are as a practice. Therefore, we are continually working on creating new educational programs, panel discussions and approaches to achieve a healthy balance for each individual. Here, you will be an active partner in your healthcare.