Brendan Carney

Acupuncture North

Brendan blends traditional acupuncture therapy with manual hands on techniques and exercise therapy to help your body move better, regain function and heal.

Brendan’s mission is to offer the highest quality care utilizing the knowledge of acupuncture and related therapeutic modalities relying on evidence informed treatments to help people evolve and move through pain and heal internal medical dysfunction.


What is Acupuncture?
According to the NIH (National Institute of Health), acupuncture is a therapy that dates back at least 2,500 years. Specifically, acupuncture is the insertion of extremely thin one-time-use disposable needles into specific locations on the body called acupuncture points.

Why is this acupuncture different?
1. Palpation based therapy.
Our body is a living, dynamic organism. One of the powers of acupuncture that creates the illusion of magic is that the right acupuncturist knows how to access this system with pinpoint accuracy. It’s kind of like playing darts with a blindfold versus without – you achieve a lot more accuracy if you listen to the body and use an immediate feedback system.

Many acupuncturists will do a short intake followed by needles followed by rest. The palpation based system, with roots from a blind practitioner in Japan named Master Nagano, allows the patient and practitioner to see and feel changes immediately. With greater treatment specificity one can achieve improved, long-lasting results.

2. Structural and Functional Mechanics of the Body
Imagine that you just had your tires changed, rotated and balanced. Now it’s time to fly down I-95, but your driver side front tire lug nuts were not tightened properly – in fact they were just tightened by hand.  How does your car run? POORLY. The structural integrity of the body is important.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and see what your posture looks like? What is our idea of good posture? Can you now imagine that your posture is influencing your function? If your body is not in the right position then you will not have the right function.

In part, this style of acupuncture allows the practitioner to be a mechanic of sorts. Some people do have the time and knowledge to be their own mechanics, but for most of us, at least from time to time, we need a little help.

3. Postural Tension
When was the last time you needed to remind yourself to have better posture? Most people don’t really know what that means? We stand up straight and pull our shoulders back – right? In part yes, but what we often forget is that the body has THREE movement planes. Rotationally, side to side and front to back. So if we stand up straight and pull our shoulders back principally we are only working with one plane of movement.

What you need to know is that your posture influences your neurological, respiratory, muscular, skeletal, and other functional systems.

Does poor structure = pain?

No. Rather we can associate the two. We know this from MRI studies of cross sections of individuals. For instance, did you know that 55% of men over the age of 50 have a herniated disk?  Why is it that some people react to pain and others do not?

Poor structure does not equate to pain because our body systems are amazingly adaptable. Pain has multiple source inputs. One representation of this is Melzack’s pain Neuromatrix (Pain and the Neuromatrix in the Brain, 2001

Bringing It All Together
In summary, palpation based acupuncture is structural in nature. We take real information from the body, utilizing immediate feedback and constant analysis of the structural and functional mechanics of the body, to create harmony and balance in your system. That is the yin and yang and wisdom of this medicine: where it is stuck, move it and where it is moving too much, stick it.

Other Therapies Offered Include:

Dry Needling
Dry Needling Therapy is a western style therapy that allows a high degree of dosage and specificity to be delivered in treatment. The number of dry needling therapists in New England is rapidly growing given the demand and success of the treatment.  Currently there are only two, however, trained by MyoPain Seminars, who offers the most comprehensive and demanding certification course in content, testing, and competency.

Fascial Manipulation
Stecco Fascial Manipulation, or FM, has its roots in Italy from a physical therapist named Luigi Stecco. Stecco has created a method of treatment combination that balances the body and is science based. This treatment method is highly effective and is backed by numerous research studies as well as over 200 live cadaver dissections. Fascia is an emerging science, but more and more we are beginning to understand the importance of this highly overlooked structure from both a movement and pain perspective.

Treatment Goal
The goal of treatment can be viewed in two steps. The ancient Japanese Acupuncture masters called this root and branch treatment. If you water just the branch of a tree it will not flourish. Both roots and branch must be maintained if one is to thrive.

Our treatment goal is to combine what we believe to be the underlying nature of your problem, pattern, disharmony etc., and to effectively treat and reduce the immediate symptomatic problem.

Generally 1-4 treatments are recommend at the beginning of a treatment cycle. With proper compliance of homecare activities, you should find (with resources) that you can treat yourself. Our goal is never to establish a forever, weekly treatment.  With sound clinical reasoning and investigation, some changes should be achieve within 1-4 treatments, otherwise an alternative therapy is needed.

Insurance Accepted

If your insurance covers acupuncture, Brendan can issue a comprehensive superbill with billing and procedure codes so you can seek self-reimbursement. It is generally the best idea to submit a bundle of receipts to your insurance provider.

Forms of Payment Accepted

In order of preference: cash, check, all major credit cards including HSA / FSA type

Gift Certificates Available

Yes — please contact Brendan for more information.

Hours of Operations

WLHC:  Wednesdays: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (beginning 7/1/2020)
Rye office:  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning by appointment

How to Schedule an Appointment

Email, or call Brendan directly. Please allow 24 hours for return of phone calls. Emails are answered in a prompt manner, typically within a few hours.

How to Contact Brendan

Call: (603) 502-6552

Forms for New Patients

Brendan prefers to complete an in-depth interview in person. Often times it’s necessary to pull out specific chronological details in order to find patterns and develop a solid treatment hypothesis, details which get overlooked when completing paperwork.

What to Expect from the First Appointment

Initial Appointments vary greatly from patient to patient. Generally an intake is followed by creating a plan and some form of treatment. Acupuncture doesn’t always involve needles! For a detailed description of the various types of therapy Brendan uses check out the treatment page on his website.

In general patients will walk away with the following 4 factors of treatment:
1. What is going on with my body, condition, etc.
2. What can I do to help myself?
3. What can you (the practitioner) do to help me?
4. How long is the expected treatment cycle?